Watch How Hard Heath Ledger Worked To Perfect His Joker

The documentary I am Heath Ledger, directed by Derik Murray (I am Bruce Lee and I am JFK Jr.), is fascinating. His performance in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight in 2009 was incredible. That year, following his take on the Joker (acclaimed by both critics and the general public as fantastic), the actor had posthumously received the Oscar for best actor in a supporting role.

In this documentary, friends of the Australian actor remembers, via previously unpublished anecdotes, how he slipped into the character. It reveals that he worked very hard, especially perfecting his tone of voice, to really nail and give texture to his own version of the Joker.

This sequence is, like indeed the rest of the documentary, peppered with exclusive interviews and even actual shots by Ledger himself, confiding live about his character:


"I had already seen the universe he had created with Batman Begins so I knew there was an opportunity for a new version of the Joker, and that excited me and I also knew instantly what to do.

I locked myself way for six weeks in a room that I was locked up for six weeks in a room, and I kind of came up with this creep, walk around like a madman and finding postures, finding stands, finding his voice was very important."

These revelations are bound to perpetuate the fascination and mystery surrounding the actor.


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By Pauline Mallet, published on 07/09/2017


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