Watch: Eguvwe Yugbovwre's Relatable New Comedy, 'Aje And Kpako'

Nigeria-based Eguvwe Yugbovwre is one of the leading female animators in Nigeria, and with her relatable new show, Aje & Kpako, she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Aje & Kpako is a satire set in the 1980s, that follows two 10-year-old boys, Aje Williams and Okpako Jegede, who come from totally different economic backgrounds and form a strong friendship against all odds.

Eguvwe got started with these characters in 2014, and after a version of them hilariously singing nursery rhymes went viral, she decided to redesign the characters and create a series out of it.

Speaking about what inspired her to create the show, Eguvwe said:

"I was inspired by watching Disney and I've always loved cartoons – so I decided to start making animated content.

My family’s happiness and how they laugh at what I create also inspires me to create more for every child out there who does not have anything to laugh about."

The series aims to show the rest of the world how Nigerians truly are: honest, fun loving people who love life. Eguvwe also hopes to export our culture through the different local languages that will be featured on the show.

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By Nescafé, published on 21/12/2016