'Sailor Moon' Set To Continue With A Fourth Season

Just in time for its 25th anniversary, shōjo manga series Sailor Moon is set to return to screens with a brand new season.

Originally serialised in 1991, the Naoko Takeuchi-created manga came to an end in 1997 before Sailor Moon Crystal was launched in 2014. The reboot went on to last three seasons following the manga's three first narrative arcs.

On hiatus since June 2016, Sailor Moon Crystal is now set to bring back Usagi Tsukino and friends with a fourth season.



(Image: Toei Animation)

For those of you who didn't catch the series the first time around, the anime recounts the adventures of 14-year-old high schooler Usagi as she transforms into Sailor Moon, a superhero with magic powers on a mission to defend the Earth from the forces of evil.

Exporting her famous catchphrase ("In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!") to all four corners of the world, Sailor Moon was joined by a whole host of other badass heroines including Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.


Team all that with cheesy music, a couple of love interests and an immortal cat and you have a winning combination. With no release date to speak of yet, you've got plenty of time to (re)binge watch the whole franchise.

A Blu-ray edition of the 1992 anime is also set to be launched in Japan (and hopefully in Europe) later on this year.

By Marion Olité, published on 30/01/2017


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