Ice Prince Enlists Phyno & Falz For His Fun New Single, 'Feel Good'

There was a time when Ice Prince was one of the most successful artists out of Nigeria, but these days, it feels like the rapper is starting from scratch. While he’s actually dropped a few impressive tracks in the past year, he simply hasn’t been able to recapture his former glory.

Thankfully, that isn’t stopping him from trying. For his latest effort, "Feel Good",  he very smartly enlists Phyno and Falz, two undeniably gifted rappers who’ve proven time and time again that they know how to capture the public’s attention.

Produced by Willis, "Feel Good" is a mid-tempo track that finds the three stars rapping about a fun night out — one that’s made even more so thanks to the beautiful girls around them, the money they have in their pockets, and all the alcohol that keeps flowing.

On the track, Ice Prince leads the charge, skilfully handling the catchy chorus and opening verse; Phyno then takes the song’s second verse, nearly stealing the entire show with his impeccable flow; and Falz tackles the closing verse, shining with his typically infectious energy.

While "Feel Good" doesn’t really seem like the game-changing track that will revive Ice Prince’s career, it’s an impressive enough release that proves the rapper is still capable of dropping lowkey bangers, regardless of whether the average listener realises it or not.

Listen to "Feel Good" below: