Discover: Amaarae, The Sex-Positive Ghanaian Neo-Soul Star

Born in New York and raised between The States and Ghana, Ama Serwah Genfi began to experiment with music at the age of 13, when she wrote her first song. 

Now known as Amaarae, the self-proclaimed "warrior princess" has an EP under her belt, a few fruitful features and growing presence in the Ghanaian music industry, even crossing over to Nigeria's emerging scene. 

Amaarae's discography isn't exactly teeming with content, but there is very little fault to be found in her prudent quality-not-quantity approach, which saw her spend two years working on her stunning 6-track EP, Passionfruit Summers.

On the project, she seamlessly mixes contemporary r&b and an experimental neo-soul sound, with African-inspired drums on the beats — a combination she describes as afro-fusion (not to be confused with Burna Boy's style, which he also dubs afro-fusion).

As a producer, singer and songwriter, Amaarae gets everything right in her music. Her voice is angelic and peaceful, perfectly suited to the tranquil, low-tempo beats she uses. Her lyricism is strong, thanks to her degree in English and Poetry, and her subjects are progressive, bold and sexy. 

Speaking to The Native about what she wants listeners to take from her music, Amaarae said:

"To start to appreciate raw sexual expression from women and to indulge in that" 

Her lyrics are inspired by intimacy — sex, kissing, hand-holding — but she mainly uses her imagination in her explicit and uninhibited lyricism. It's definitely bedroom music, to which couples can perform the physical connections she describes on her songs.

Whether you're cuddling, as described on "Sunday", or enacting the explicit foreplay she narrates in her appearance on AYLØ's "Woah!", Amaarae wants you to get intimate through the medium of her music. 

Listen to her debut EP, Passionfruit Summers below: