Davido Is The Only African Artist Performing At Wireless This Year

Earlier this year, when Wireless Festival released their lineup, we noticed that there were no African artists present. A few weeks later, Davido announced that he will be performing on the main stage, which put us at ease a bit, however, we found it all a bit curious.

If you've been paying even a little attention, you've probably noticed the sudden global love for afropop, and the influx of UK artists 'returning to the motherland', collaborating with local talent and taking influences from our sound.

You'll find this with the likes of J Hus, Yxng Bane, Not3s, Kojo Funds and a bunch of others – who even formed a new genre from this and coined it 'afroswing'/'afrowave', which is basically just afropop with a British accent.

The UK's music scene is currently flourishing thanks to this sound, so it's a bit upsetting that one of their biggest music festivals only booked one African artist. You'd think that with our sound and artists gaining global recognition, they would be given a global stage to perform on.

Well, it seems they've gotten all the inspiration they need, and considering they now have their own version of afropop, why would they need to book us any more? Also, since Wizkid didn't show up to Wireless last year, or to Coachella this year, it could also just be that they just don't trust us anymore. 

Either way, good luck to Davido, we know he will kill his performance. Hopefully, next year, more African artists will be considered and this problematic negligence won't continue! 

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