Donald Glover May Play Willy Wonka In A 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' Spin-Off

So, Donald Glover is reportedly in talks to play Willy Wonka in a brand new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory spin-off movie.

According to Collider, Warner Bros. has put the American actor and musician on a shortlist of stars for the iconic role - which also features Ryan Gosling and Ezra Miller.

(Image: NBC / Paramount Pictures)


The project comes from Harry Potter producer David Heyman, screenwriter Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman) and it will be directed by Paul King, the British filmmaker behind Paddington. 

Rather than a remake of the 1971 film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Gene Wilde), however, the new movie looks set to head in a completely different direction.

Sources suggest it will be a prequel to the original film – adapted from Roald Dahl's 1964 book of the same name – exploring Wonka's origin story and how he came to acquire his magical factory.


"How did he amass his fortune, and perhaps more importantly, how did he meet those Oompa Loompas?," Collider asks.

Glover, who stars as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, may be an unexpected frontrunner for the role of Wonka but he's supposedly been actively chasing the role.


He is also slated to voice Simba in the Disney's live-action remake of the Lion King - and is currently shooting season three of his FX comedy-drama Atlanta.

If you want to know what Glover's portrayal of an eccentric old millionaire with a nice plot of real estate, look no further than "Teddy Perkins" from the second season of his award-winning series, Atlanta.


The episode shows Glover donned in a white-face prosthetic mask, playing an ageing Michael Jackson-like character living in a spooky mansion, eating Ostrich eggs.

Who knows, this could have landed him the consideration for.

Donald Glover as Teddy Perkins (Photo: Guy D'Alema / FX)

By Matthew Kirby, published on 06/06/2018

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