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Daniel Obasi Explores Igbo Culture In His Latest Short Film, 'Udara'

Daniel Obasi's work is very important in the creative scene, as he thoughtfully touches on social issues while still being interesting. With his short films, he manages the high-wire act of being edgy without seeming forced or gimmicky.

Following his last short film, An Alien In Town, he's just released Udara, an important film that explores past and present Igbo culture.

(Photo: Daniel Obasi/YouTube)

The tribal structure of Nigeria makes the country very divided, and it's very rare for people to know much about other tribes or cultures but theirs. Living in Lagos, which is the metropolitan mecca of the country, tradition is not as heavy as it is in other rural areas, therefore indigenes know very little. 

In conjunction with Vlisco, Daniel Obasi explores Igbo culture, which is rarely ever given any attention in these parts. Speaking about the inspiration behind the film on Instagram, Daniel Obasi said: 

"The film is an ode to the diverse layers of being igbo through; symbolism, music, traditional beliefs, the mild conflict and inter dependence between christianity and traditional religion within the igbo communities."

Udara approaches Igbo beliefs about spirituality and reincarnation (ilo uwa) in a way that is appealing to the modern day millennial. Without diluting the original message, the short film uses imagery and metaphors to present this facet of Igbo culture, which is in perfect keeping with Obasi's usual style.

You can watch it right here: 

By Damilola Animashaun, published on 02/10/2018