Watch 'Through Her Eyes' – A Short Film That Explores The Rise Of Child Terrorism

Right now, Nigerian short films are infinitely better than their feature length counterparts. This is a fact that bears repeating with every new short film that gets released – and Nadine Ibrahim's award-winning Through Her Eyes is no exception.


(Photo: Nadine Ibrahim)

Over the years, Nadine has gained a wide range of experience in film and TV, working for companies like Ebony Life and Film One – and all her years of experience really pay off in her thought-provoking film.

The 9-minute short film follows the story of Azeeza (played by Aisha Anisah Ayagi), a young girl abducted by a terrorist group and forced to witness (and do) things that change her life forever.

Pointing out the fact that one in every five suicide bombers in Nigeria is a child, the short film does a great job driving home the point that children are not born terrorists – begging us at the end to "address the root cause".

Watch the impressive short film below:

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