Watch Somkele Iyamah In The Trailer For Short Film, 'Tolu'

Over the last few years, filmmaker Nadine Ibrahim has gained a wide range of experience in film and TV working for companies like EbonyLife and Film One. All her years of experience have paid off well, as we saw in the thought-provoking short film, Through Her Eyes, and now the upcoming Tolu, starring Somkele Iyamah, Wale Ojo and more. 

(Photo: Nadine Ibrahim/YouTube)

Tolu tells the story of a young girl who lives with her family in a small community in Nigeria. The neighbourhood thrives on fishing, and Tolu has to prove herself worthy and valuable to the community by breaking the gender boundaries. In order to achieve this, she embarks on a solo journey into the ocean to catch as many fish as possible where she meets a wise old man who shows her a side to life she's never seen before.

This short film aims to use visual effects to tell the story. The filmmakers partnered with local artists to create a film that will break boundaries and launch the Nigerian film industry into the limelight of world cinema. At the same time, it touches on social issues such as gender bias and social injustice for women and you know we're here for any narrative that helps women! 

We're super excited for Tolu to be released, until then, you can check out the trailer here: 


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