Lakeith Stanfield To Voice Yasuke, The First African Samurai, In Upcoming Anime

In the 1500s, a man of African descent was accepted as the first black Samurai. Dubbed "Yasuke" by the Japanese warlord, Oda Nobunaga, Yasuke fought for Nobunaga’s army from 1581-1582.

There are many ongoing attempts to adapt Yaskue's interesting story — from Michael De Luca movie version to Deranta' Avaloy's comic book version — but we think Netflix just announced the most interesting adaptation yesterday: an anime.

Yasuke (Photo: Nicola Roos/Wikipedia Commons)

Titled Yasuke, the anime already has an exciting creative team at the helm. It will be written and directed by Boondocks' co-director, LeSean Thomas; Yasuke will be voiced by Atlanta's Lakeith Stanfield; and the entire series will be scored by Flying Lotus. 

Even though it is inspired by the true story of an African samurai who fought alongside a Japanese warlord, some creative liberties have to be taken. For instance, LeSean's version includes both magic-wielding warriors and fighting robots.

Described as Samurai Jack meets The Transporter, it follows a retired ronin acting as the bodyguard for a child targeted by dark forces. Every single piece of information released about this series makes it sound absolutely bonkers, and we cannot wait to see it.

LeSean Thomas, Lakeith Stanfield and Flying Lotus (Photo: Konbini)

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