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Watch Adekunle Gold Talk Upcoming Album And Slay Live Performance Of 'Money'

Last week, Adekunle Gold blessed us all with his amazing new song "Money", recorded live with his band, The 79th Element. The prayerful song, which feels like a spiritual sequel to his 2015 hit "Pick Up", is expected to feature on his second studio album, About 30.

(Photo: Adekunle Gold/Instagram)

Following the successful release of the song, Adekunle Gold and his band appeared at the B.W.E Studios to discuss the themes of his upcoming album and the inspiration behind "Money" – all of this intercut with him slaying a live performance of the song.


Speaking about his upcoming album, Adekunle said:

"It's talking about the girls, my experiences, the lessons, all kinds of music I've listened to growing up until now.

I'm 30 now and I want to share everything I've learnt. It's like my dream right now and I can't wait for people to hear [the album]."

About what inspired the song "Money", he continued:


"So, recently I went to Dubai and, my word, I was just blown away. I saw the finer things of life, things I've never seen before, and I'm like a child – when I see things I'm always excited. 

I was just like 'I need money' and that's where I got the inspiration. I couldn't wait on the plane to write the song and when I got to the studio we started jamming and that was the first song I wrote."

You can watch the full video of Adekunle Gold and The 79th Element at the B.W.E Studios below:

By Daniel Orubo, published on 25/10/2017


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