Watch The Whimsical Trailer For Uche Aguh's 'The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad'

The talented doctor-turned-director, Uche Aguh, is one of the most promising new Nigerian filmmakers working today. From his short film, I Still Do, to his concept trailer for Chimamanda Adichie's Americanah, Uche continues to excite us with his sharp eye for filmmaking.

Now, he hopes to flex his filmmaking muscles even further with his upcoming semi-biographical film, The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad, and its recently-released concept trailer is just as stunning as we expected.


A psychological drama exploring mental health


The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad is a feature-length psychological drama that explores mental health as it relates to young people of colour. The film follows a manic depressive patient (played by Uche himself) and his psychiatrist (played byRizelle Januk), who embark on a journey of love, self-discovery and healing.

Speaking about the project on his social media, Uche said:

"This film is timely, important, and beautiful. It highlights mental health in a real, yet whimsical and fanatical way. Something we are yet to see especially with people of colour."

Uche put together the concept trailer in a few days, with a crew of four and a zero-dollar budget. Right now, he is trying to raise $60,000 (₦22 million) to make the film a reality – and you can donate to the promising project right here.

(Photo: 55 Media)

The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad (Photo: 55 Media)

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By Daniel Orubo, published on 03/07/2017


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