Watch: When The Night King And His Army Cover Seven Nation Army

The cover makes so much sense you're going to wish you'd thought of it yourself.

Saying Game of Thrones is one of the most influential tv series of our time is an understatement. HBO’s bulldozer inspired many philosophical essays, advanced scientific studies… but also the most WTF videos. Such as this one, were an ersatz of the night king and his minions are singing their own lyrics on the melody of "Seven Nation Army", the iconic White Stripes song.

It’s actually the work of The Shite Stripes, a music band which only creates covers of the White Stripes. Through this masterpiece, they managed to merge two passions of theirs: their favorite band and favorite show. The lyrics were all rewritten to match events taking place in HBO’s production. It is so gloriously done it almost makes us want to add this version to our Spotify playlist. Almost.

By Florian Ques, published on 23/04/2019