Video: An Irresistible Best-Of Of Otis And Eric's Friendship In 'Sex Education'

There's no better way to prepare for Season 2 of the feel-good series, scheduled for release in early 2020.

Not long ago, we learned that the long-awaited return of Sex Education had been officially scheduled for January 17 on Netflix. Just over a month and a half to go until we're reunited with the stylish teenagers of Moordale. But don't worry, because we've found a way of filling the void as you wait: by watching this best-of of Otis and Eric, by far the best double act in the whole series. 


In the space of just eight episodes, the two inseparable friends set a certain standard for friendships all over the world. In the end, we're all just an Otis looking for our Eric, or vice versa. 

This video proves that their friendship is one of the main strengths of Sex Education, with Otis' awkward side perfectly complementing the more exuberant temperament of his best friend. More than anything, the two friends are a rare example of a very close friendship between a heterosexual man and a gay man on the small screen. For that fact alone, they deserve their legendary status. 

The first season of Sex Education is now available in full on Netflix.



Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Florian Ques, published on 02/12/2019


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