New 'Chernobyl' Already Ranks Higher Than 'Breaking Bad' And 'Game Of Thrones' On IMDb

Inspired by real events, the British-American drama television miniseries is praised by both the public and the critics.

If one were to ask random people what is the best show ever, a lot would mention Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. Although this might have changed recently with the latter since its controversial 8th and final season. Yet, the two tv series proved successful as their IMDb ranking shows.

However, Walter White and Jon Snow now have serious competition with a new tv series which has already gathered many followers. Called Chernobyl, it explores the tragic events Ukraine underwent in 1986. Co-produced by HBO and Sky Atlantic, the mini-series already has an impressive rating of 9,7/10 on IMDbwhich shows a strong public consensus.


Same thing on Rotten Tomatoes, where critics are also unanimous: Chernobyl is crushing the competition being certified 96% fresh with an average rating of 8,83/10. With only five episodes, the tv series has a documentary vibe when going over the devastating nuclear incident which took place through different perspectives.

By Florian Ques, published on 27/05/2019