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Tinder Is Preparing A 'Bandersnatch'-Style Interactive Series

Swipe right if you can't wait to see the finished product. Swipe left if you have your doubts about the concept.

The most famous of all the dating apps, Tinder, is preparing an interactive series which it will (at least initially) screen on its platform. Variety, which revealed the app's plans, reports that the showrunner for the project will be Karena Evans, a director who is best known for filming music videos for Drake. The plot of the six-episode series, which will last a total of two hours, will be set in a world where the apocalypse is nigh. The question viewers will be asked is: "Who would you want to spend your last days on Earth with?"

Tinder users will be able to choose how the story develops by swiping left or right in a kind of Pavlovian response. The launch of the series, provisionally entitled Project X, is scheduled for early October. Variety reports that it's been allocated a 5-million dollar budget and has been specially filmed for vertical viewing on smartphones.


Although the series will initially only be available on Tinder, the producers haven't ruled out the potential for streaming on more traditional platforms. As we suspected with Bandersnatch, the interactive episode of Black Mirror from Netflix, Variety explains that the Tinder series could inform the company about our habits and decision-making. The magazine reports that the app could feed into an algorithm able to interpret the choices of users who watch Project X


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Delphine Rivet, published on 19/09/2019


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