There's An Existential Crisis On The Horizon In The Teaser For Season 2 Of 'Baby'

A second installment of episodes of the Italian teen drama will be released in October.

If the second season of Elite has whet but not entirely satiated your appetite for steamy teen series, perhaps the imminent return of Baby will do the trick. Following an initial batch of episodes which achieved some success on the platform last fall, a release date has now been announced for Season 2 of Netflix's Italian teen drama. Make a note in your diary to keep October 18 free for a binge session to catch up on the latest adventures of Chiara and Ludovica.


The streaming platform has released an initial teaser giving a taste of what's to come, and it looks like the Baby teens are heading straight for an identity crisis. If you haven't yet watched the first series, it's set in the upmarket neighborhood of Parioli in Italy and follows the ups and downs in the lives of two school friends who become caught up in teen prostitution. 

The first season of Baby is available in full on Netflix.

Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth


By Florian Ques, published on 12/09/2019

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