The 'Walking Dead' Survivors Will Be Back For An Eleventh Season

AMC announced that its flagship series would be renewed at New York Comic Con.

It's official, The Walking Dead will be back in 2020. Despite the demise of the comics, the departure of Andrew Lincoln and constantly falling audience numbers over the last few seasons, AMC has renewed the zombie series for an eleventh season. Angela Kang, the current showrunner, has confirmed that Lauren Cohan will be returning as Maggie. The American actress quit TWD after a salary dispute with the network, before rejoining ABC for one season of Whiskey Cavalier, which was cancelled after 13 episodes.

Although AMC hasn't confirmed this information, Season 11 could be the last in the series. Since the launch of the war against the Whisperers, the series has caught up with the comics and is approaching the final narrative arc. Of course, the network could continue beyond the original work, but it already has the spin-off Fear the Walking Dead for that, as well as a trilogy of films following Rick's story. Danai Gurira, who'll be leaving the show sometime in Season 10, will also be appearing in the movies. 


New York Comic Con saw its fair share of zombies this year, as AMC took the opportunity to unveil the first trailer for a third series set in the Walking Dead universe. The latest series is unique in that it focuses on teenage characters born during the apocalypse who are in search of an identity. It's set for release in spring 2020, shortly after the end of Season 10 of the original series. There's certainly no end in sight for zombie shows on the small screen. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Adrien Delage, published on 08/10/2019


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