The Trailer For The Sixth And Final Season Of 'Vikings' Is Here

All hail King Björn.

After the end of Game of Thrones, another highly popular blockbuster series will be embarking on its final season in 2019: Vikings. The adventures of the Scandinavian warriors will come to an end following the 20 episodes of Season 6, concluding the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons. But don't worry – Michael Hirst, the creator of the series, is planning to explore the mythology of Valhalla in a spin-off which is still being developed. While we wait, History is preparing fans for the final battles in the series, releasing a trailer for the sixth and final season of Vikings.


The final season will take up the story just after the tense confrontation between Ivar and Björn, which was won by the latter. The Boneless has been banished from Denmark, while the son of Ragnar and Lagertha takes his seat on the throne of Kattegat. Björn is a little overwhelmed by his new responsibilities, torn between the will to respect his father's heritage and his desire to lead the kingdom in his own way. In the East of the country, Ivar takes the Silk Road and comes across the Kievan Rus' reigned over by Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky, seen in McMafia), known as Oleg the Wise, a former Viking who has now become the leader of the Rurik dynasty.

Together, they plan to attack the kingdom of Denmark and seize Kattegat. But what Ivar doesn't know is that his new ally is a rather unpredictable, ruthless man who'll make him look like a saint. In the trailer, we also see Björn calling for help from the Icelandic colony and from Floki, but the latter has disappeared and refuses to take up his arms. Eventually, Lagertha, exhausted and traumatized by the interminable conflicts, decides to withdraw and spend her days far away from the suffering of the battlefield. 

Season 6 of Vikings will be released on History in the US on December 4 with an extra-long two-hour episode. As always, the season will be divided into two parts, the second of which will be released sometime in 2020. 



Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Adrien Delage, published on 09/10/2019


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