'Shameless' Will Be Back For An Eleventh Season (And It'll Be The Last)

The Gallaghers' last goodbyes are scheduled for this summer.

It's time to break out the champagne at the Gallagher house! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shameless has just been officially renewed for an eleventh batch of episodes... which will mark the end of the series once and for all. The news was announced at the press tour organized each winter by the Television Critics Association. And that's not all.

As Season 10 is about to wrap up in the US (there are only two more episodes to go before the end of the season), we won't have to wait too long before we're reunited with the Gallagher clan for some more drama. Showtime plans to screen the final season of Shameless this summer. The number of episodes commissioned hasn't yet been confirmed. 


With eleven seasons on the counter by the time it departs from our screens, Shameless will have lasted as long as the original British version. As well as the series, cable network Showtime has also commissioned new seasons for two of its other productions, to be launched in the fall: Work in Progress and the revival of The L Word.

Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Florian Ques, published on 14/01/2020

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