Sandra Bullock's College Years Will Be Adapted Into An Amazon Series

The Oscar-winning actress will be one of the executive producers of this project inspired by her own life.

Are the teenage years of the stars interesting enough to make small-screen adaptations out of them? In the case of Sandra Bullock, it seems so. As Variety reports, the actress is working on a series loosely based on her own college years. For the moment, the project (which doesn't yet have a title) is in the scriptwriting phase and Amazon has just begun work on it - if it's officially commissioned, it'll be screened on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Sold as a comedy drama, the series will be set in the 1980s in the Deep South of the United States and will focus on the world of music and dance. It will follow a young woman - based on Sandra Bullock, as you'll have understood by now - who's a little bit weird and who ignores the expectations placed on her in favor of finding her own path, and, of course, love. 

The idea for the series arose during discussions between the multi-award winning actress and Akiva Goldsman (Titans), who will both produce the series alongside John Legend. Yes, we're talking about John Legend, the singer. Meanwhile, the position of showrunner was offered to Marja Lewis-Ryan, who's pretty busy at the moment with the revival of The L Word scheduled for release in the fall. In the end, she'll just be acting as a consultant to the project.


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Florian Ques, published on 11/06/2019