No 'Breaking Bad' reunion: Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Had Us Fooled

These big trolls had been playing with our nerves for weeks...

All this to sell us... mezcal. We still feel really betrayed by this teasing, which leaves us with the impression that we have been duped. Why, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul! Why? Not you! A little background is in order: on June 25, the two stars of Breaking Bad simultaneously published tweets called "Soon", accompanied by a picture of two donkeys. 

Fans were beginning to see it as a harbinger of a possible reunion on the film Breaking Bad. The announcement seemed imminent, the teasing was formidable, and we were suspended from the next posts of the two actors. A week after the first tweet, they post a new picture of themselves crossing a river and captioned "Even sooner".


The decor is reminiscent of the Mexican countryside. This time, we were sure they were going to reveal Walter White's return to the film, in the form of a flashback! Or, at least, their participation in Better Call Saul - that would be great, too! We were already picturing it...

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Three years ago we sat in a sushi bar in New York. Talking about life and what we could possibly do down the road together. We had the time of our lives while shooting Breaking Bad and truly built a very special bond. Knowing that we couldn’t share the screen for quite a while - our thoughts turned to a new project. We sipped cocktails and thought about what it should be. The younger one looked at his drink and said, you know what we should do? We should do a really special Mezcal. The older one said, you mean the liquor with a worm at the bottom? Nah, that was just some bullshit gimmick, I mean real, artesanal Mezcal made by hand in Mexico. After that dinner we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads. So, we started traveling to Oaxaca to see if we could find it, and we mean it had to be “it,” something so damn good even people who don’t think they like Mezcal will love it. It had to be perfect or we weren’t going to do it. We searched high and low all over Oaxaca, met incredible people along the way and after a beautiful yet grueling search throughout that majestic landscape we believed we may have found our place. Our Mezcal. It was on a dirt-road, in tiny village, hours away from the center of town, we found it and it was perfect. Holy shit it was perfect. We looked at each other and just simply nodded. This is it. We named it Dos Hombres - two guys on a quest. It’s been a long and crazy journey and we couldn’t be happier to share this with you and the rest of the world. We are crazy about the taste, the aroma, and the versatility of this smokey, age-old alcohol. Try it, and let us know what you think. We are certain you will love it. Well, that’s our story. What’s yours? Go to to get a bottle of your own. Follow us at @Doshombres and @Mezcal to hear more about Mezcal and Dos Hombres. — AP & BC

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Reality is much more mercantile than we thought. Bryan Cranston and Aaron revealed on Tuesday on their Instagram account that they were officially launching their mezcal brand. Photos show them in agave fields in Mexico or leaning against a distillation tank.


The name of the nectar? Dark backs. The logo? Two donkeys. Here we are: we've been wandered around like TV series-lovers in need and this morning we wake up with a hell of a hangover when we discover the news. We played with our love for Breaking Bad to sell us something. We won't be fooled again!

Update: Although.... There's a twist! Aaron Paul rekindled the flame by responding to a fan who was disconcerted by this mezcal story. All hope is not lost. 


By Delphine Rivet, published on 11/07/2019