Michonne Takes Up Arms Again In The Trailer For Season 10b Of 'The Walking Dead'

War has officially been declared on the Whisperers.

The traditional winter break in The Walking Dead will soon be coming to an end. AMC has just released a final trailer before the war between Alexandria and the Whisperers resumes. The eight remaining episodes of Season 10 will see the departure of Danai Gurira, better known as Michonne, from the series. And one of the most iconic images in the trailer shows the samurai preparing to wreak havoc. 


Michonne brandishes Lucille, Negan's bat, before raising it to strike an unknown character. The shot is reminiscent of the episode "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be", when the leader of the Saviors played his own morbid version of "eeny, meeny, miny, moe". Will Michonne move over to the dark side before leaving the series? We don't yet know whether or not the screenwriters are planning to kill off the character or to let her leave as they did with Rick. Judith's tears in the trailer might give a clue as to their decision.

Besides the impending war, we see Negan continuing to bend over backwards for Alpha and Beta. Is it a true alliance or merely a diabolic plan on his part to take control of the group? Readers of the comics might have some idea already, although showrunner Angela Kang may have decided on a different outcome. Finally, Carol's determined expression suggests that the trap laid by Alpha at the end of the mid-season finale won't put a stop to her quest for revenge. The survivors of The Walking Dead will be back on February 23.

Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth


By Adrien Delage, published on 13/02/2020

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