Marilyn Manson Lends The Gods A Hand In Season 3 Of 'American Gods'

The role isn't as out of character as you might think.

After Sons of Anarchy and Salem, singer and musician Marilyn Manson is set to add a new TV role to his filmography. The Antichrist Superstar will be confronting the belligerent gods of American Gods in a third season written by Chic Eglee. He'll appear as a character not so unlike himself. 

The character Manson will be playing is Johan Wengren, the leader of a death metal group called Blood Death. Mr Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane) takes an interest in him, seeing his potential in the forthcoming battle against the new gods due not to his musical talents but to his warrior past. Johan is a former Viking soldier, a "berserker" — warriors reputed for fighting with rage and without armor — whose powerful strength will be essential in the fight of the titans. 


"Bringing his specific energy, wit and boundless enthusiasm for all-things-Neil Gaiman to the role of Johan, a Norse ‘berserker’ in service to Odin, his performance promises to be disturbing, original and uniquely entertaining", Chic Eglee said.

The screenwriter is taking over from Jesse Alexander and Neil Gaiman, the showrunners of Season 2, who themselves replaced Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. The latest installment of American Gods won't be launched on Amazon until 2020 and no precise release date has yet been announced. Before we see him as a Viking warrior, Marilyn Manson will also be making an appearance in The New Pope, the sequel to The Young Pope.


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth


By Delphine Rivet, published on 19/09/2019


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