Jason Momoa Is Getting His Own 'Simpsons' Character

He looks surprisingly good in yellow...

There are at least two rites of passage Hollywood stars must complete before they become true legends: presenting Saturday Night Live and getting a Simpsons character based on them (voicing one of the characters only counts for half a point!). Actor Jason Momoa, who we first saw as the brooding Khal Drogo in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, has already ticked off the first item on his list. He "hosted" SNL in December, when he was promoting his film Aquaman. And now, he'll be appearing as a Simpson.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Jason Momoa will soon be playing himself in Season 31 of The Simpsons, which is set for release on FOX on September 29. He's been given the "Matt Groening treatment" for the occasion, drawn by the creator of the cult series with yellow skin and bulging muscles. Al Jean, executive producer, has explained the role he'll play: 


"He is the celebrity that shows up and talks about this legend of this saint who was ground up and martyred and became the origin of modern-day pistachio ice cream. He tells this very gruesome story — and then Patty and Selma want him to sign their boobs and he runs away". 

Did you get that? No? We're not surprised. The most believable part of the story is that the Simpsons producer had great difficulty contacting the actor, who is always extremely busy: "We would hear, ‘Oh, he’s filming on a top of a mountain or he’s filming under the water'. It was hard to get him in a studio that was within the terrestrial realm."

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Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Delphine Rivet, published on 19/07/2019

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