It's Official, 'Sin City' Is Making A Comeback In Series Format

With the blessing and collaboration of the man behind the original comic books, Frank Miller.

Comics have been a constant source of inspiration for Hollywood screenwriters in search of the next big series. After The Walking Dead, Preacher and The Boys, now Frank Miller's Sin City is about to get a small-screen adaptation. The American author, who already worked as producer and co-director on the 2005 movie by Robert Rodriguez, then on its 2014 sequel, is also involved in developing the series. He and his director friend will be at the helm of this latest adaptation overseen by Legendary Television (Lost in Space, Carnival Row).

For newcomers, Sin City is a series of extremely violent comics, which has inspired film noirs and hard-boiled fiction novels. The plot is set in a hot, arid city in Arizona, where crime levels have soared. To control the bandits, the police and SWAT teams are given access to heavy weaponry, but only a handful of them remain honest and incorruptible. The comic takes the perspective of the police and the bandits alternately. 


Legendary Television has promised to produce the first season and find a network to screen it. We don't yet know whether Miller and Rodriguez will be directing the series. They haven't yet found a screenwriter either, but the deal with the production studio also includes a Sin City prequel in the form of an animated series. Frank Miller had to fight for years to recover the adaptation rights to his comics, which until 2018 belonged to… the Weinstein Company, which is now in the process of declaring bankruptcy.

While we wait for more information, you can delve back into the universe of the comics and of the second film, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, with its impressive cast: Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Willis, Eva Green, Ray Liotta…


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth


By Adrien Delage, published on 19/11/2019


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