HBO Hid Six Iron Thrones Worldwide For A Giant Treasure Hunt

The iron throne quest just got a lot more real.

All the Game of Thrones fans are still hunted by HBO’s Facebook live during which the interactions were accelerating the melting of a giant ice cube which was hiding Season 7’s release date. Now HBO organized no less than a worldwide treasure hunt with six thrones hidden in random places all over the world. The quest for the throne has already started and should give you work to do.

The only clues released by HBO on YouTube are 360° videos showing the environment surrounding the thrones. The first two are located in a lush forest and in a polar scenery, possibly on the top of a mountain. To this day, the first throne was found by two British fans: he was in the Puzzlewood forest, a touristic site located in Coleford, England.

For now, we still don’t know what the reward is for those who will find them, other than a replica of Robert Baratheon’s golden crown and the respect of your peers online. However know that the hunt will end on April 13, the day before the eight season premiere.

If you feel like spending all your time and money in the quest, follow the YouTube and Instagram account of the show, where all the clues will be released. Good luck, and beware of the white walkers.

By Adrien Delage, published on 21/03/2019