Game Of Thrones: French Law Students To Organize Jon Snow's Trial

The Targaryen family filed a complaint against Queenslayer of the Kingdom of the Seven Crown.

On 4 October, students from the French University Jean Moulin Lyon III organize their second "Law night". This festive and educational event offers students the opportunity to take part in several activities related to their curriculum, including conferences and debates with professionals, screenings, concerts but also (and above all) the fictional trial of a major pop culture figure. This year, they are preparing their case against no other than Game of Thrones' Queenslayer, Jon Snow himself.

Over the course of a long evening, law school students will attempt to have Aegon VI Targaryen convicted (or defended) for his crimes. Does Ned Stark's (false) bastard deserve the gallows, or was his shocking act at the end of season 8 actually saving the people of Westeros? We're about to find out.


By Adrien Delage, published on 20/09/2019


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