'Chernobyl' Showrunner Begs Instagram Users To Show Respect When In Prypiat

These dark tourists' thirst for chills and likes is happening at the cost of historical memory.

Ever since the Chernobyl miniseries launched in May on HBO and Sky Atlantic, the city of Prypiat in Ukraine – which happens to be the closest one to where the 1986 nuclear tragedy occured – encountered a 35% rise in the number of its visitors. But as a matter of fact, said visitors can sometimes be a bit indelicate. These past few days, some Instagram posts showed up, depicting people striking a pose in front of this apocalyptic setting.

Very much like the Auschwitz memorial in Poland, which asked its visitors to respect the memory of exermination camps' victims and their families, Chernobyl own showrunner also sounded the alarm.


If nothing can actually allow us to date with certainty the pictures posted on Instagram, this trend is indeed worrysome. Especially as local tour companies are already reporting a 40% increase in bookings for the summer.

By Delphine Rivet, published on 13/06/2019

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