Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Hint At A Possible 'Breaking Bad' Reunion

With just two tweets, the actors managed to blow the minds of 'Breaking Bad' fans.

What's the hidden message behind these cryptic, coordinated tweets? On Tuesday June 25 at 07:02 exactly (local time), Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul posted exactly the same tweet, at the same time, with the same photo: a close-up of two donkeys in sepia, with the rather mysterious caption "Soon".


To make things even more confusing, Peter Gould, the showrunner of Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad, added his own comment: "Looking forward to this". So unless the two actors are set to appear in the spin-off, there must be some other theory to explain this…


The movie currently being prepared, which was being written and directed by Vince Gilligan, was confirmed in November following months of rumors. Bryan Cranston isn't supposed to appear in the feature film, which is meant to be a sequel to Breaking Bad focusing on Jesse Pinkman, because his character, Walter White, died at the end of the series.

And yet fans continue to hold out hope. These tweets could confirm what we've all been waiting for: a reunion between Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, and his mentor. A couple of clever flashbacks, and the presence of Walter White could become entirely possible.

The photo of the donkeys may also be meant as a clue as to what awaits Jesse in the future, if we see them as mules rather than donkeys. "Mules" is also the term given to people who risk their lives to illegally transport drugs from one country to another by carrying them on or in their bodies.  


Filming for the Breaking Bad movie began in November in New Mexico and is now complete. That at least means that we should be getting some specific information about the movie and its release date very soon (although our money's on the movie being screened on AMC in the fall). 

Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Delphine Rivet, published on 27/06/2019

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