Big News: Al Pacino Will Appear In A Series About Nazi Hunters

In 2019, the series world will feature appearances by Meryl Streep and Al Pacino. What more could we ask for?

We can no longer keep count of the numbers of Hollywood stars arriving in the wonderful world of TV series from the big screen. The phenomenon has always existed, but now it's taken off exponentially. Following recent high-profile appearances by Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Michael Douglas, we've now learned that Al Pacino himself is about to sign with Amazon Prime Video to make his debut in a recurring role in a series. The actor isn't completely unfamiliar with the small screen: he played a secondary role in the HBO mini-series Angels in America in 2003.

This time, Al Pacino will star alongside the young Logan Lerman in a series produced by the insatiable Jordan Peele. The creator of The Hunt, David Weil, will be co-showrunner for the series alongside Nikki Toscano. The story will follow a group of Nazi hunters living in New York in 1977, who fight a conspiracy to prepare a Fourth Reich launched by former high-ranking Nazi officials living in disguise among the population. Logan Lerman will play an apprentice Nazi hunter, while Al Pacino will play his mentor.

Does that remind you of a kind of contemporary Inglourious Basterds too? Let's hope that the result, which will take the form of an initial season comprising ten episodes, is as enticing it sounds. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Marion Olité, published on 11/01/2019