United States: Politicians Refuse To Be Interviewed By A Female Journalist

On the pretext of respecting principles of faith, the two candidates want to avoid being alone with a female journalist.

In Mississippi, as the governor's election campaign is in full swing, two candidates, Republicans Robert Foster and Bill Waller, said they refused to be followed during their campaign by Mississippi Today reporter Larrison Campbell for fear of being isolated with a woman.


Billy Graham's Rule

Arguing a precautionary principle, especially in the post-MeToo era, Bill Waller says that this is only "common sense" and that "nowadays, appearances and transparency are important, as people need to be comforted about what is happening in government between employees and others.

Robert Foster had made the front page of the local newspapers a week earlier for refusing to be accompanied by Larisson Campbell on a 15-hour trip without the presence of a male colleague. The "prospect of being alone" with the journalist is for him contrary to the "Billy Graham's Rule"; a principle followed by Evangelical Protestant politicians and which recommends avoiding spending time alone with unmarried women.

Mike Pence, current Vice President of the United States, is also known to defend and adhere to this rule.


By Chayma Soltani, published on 19/07/2019

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