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Spain: A School For Boys Teaches Them Household Chores

"What’s better than practice?" director Jose Rodriguez asks.

In the school for boys of Monte Castelo in Spain, household chores classes were made mandatory. In addition, to learn mathematics, history, and sciences, the pupils are taught how to iron, cook and sew.

The schedule of the boys is uncanny: their economy class is barely over than they go to... ironing class.


These lessons are given by professors who also teach more classic subjects. Economy professor Andrès Luna teaches ironing, he explains: "They must understand that this is not a woman’s job, but also a man’s one. They need to know how to iron too".

Same thing for Jose Manuel Rodriguez, the school director who is responsible for this program:


"We, men, must take things to the next level and we noticed that in school, conferences and theoretical classes are not efficient, so what’s better than practice?"

"At first, I thought it was a joke, that it couldn’t be", a pupil admits. "I personally feel that it allows me to realize how much work it is for parents and I see it’s not that easy", comments another.

The positive experience of this school is inspiring others, and several Spanish institutions are now considering to follow its example.


By Astrid Van Laer, published on 12/04/2019


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