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Indya Moore Is The First Transgender Model To Make The Cover Of ‘Elle’ US

The NYC actress opens up about her daily life as a trans and her complicated childhood.

It looks like mass media finally understood the power of diversity, and are competing to see which one can be the most inclusive. This month, a model in burkini made the cover of the Swimsuits Special edition of Sports Illustrated for the first time and in April, an albinos model made the cover of the Portuguese edition of Vogue. If this inclusive marketing can seem superficial to some, it does indeed offer visibility to those who felt invisible before.

All over the globe, magazine covers and models are slowly changing. In the US, Elle just chose trans actress and model Indya Moore to make the cover of their June edition.


It is the first time the American edition of the magazine chooses a trans model on the cover, following in the footsteps of the Brazilian edition and its collaboration with Lea T and the British Elle with Hari Nef.

An Absolutely Essential Testimony

The young Bronx native is not just on the cover, but also inside a magazine, in which she is introduced through a long portrait and more pictures by photographer Zoey Grossman. Sharing about both her personal life and her professional one (as an actress playing in TV series Pose), she speaks about her foster care childhood, sexual traffic in her teenagehood and her daily life as a trans. She also mentions the reactions of her parents when she came out as trans and expressed her desire to transition, as she was raised as a Jehovah's witness and punished every time she became more and more feminine:


"Because I was assigned male at birth, they expected me to be masculine or to perform the way they thought young boys should perform. And I did not.

They didn’t understand. They had never experienced what it was like to have a family member who was genderqueer."

Indya Moore’s testimony turns out to be absolutely essential for everyone to read: trans people, their relatives, and others. Beyond the marketing issue, this cover highlights how important covers are in our society based on image, beyond the marketing aspect.


By Lise Lanot, published on 13/05/2019