Tupac's Break-Up Letter To Madonna Will Be Auctioned

This time, it's for sure: Tupac Shakur's sweet words dedicated to Madonna will be auctioned next week.

In 2017, we learned how Tupac had put an end to his secret romance with Madonna in 1995 through a three-page break-up letter. At the time, the holder of the letter, the auction company Gotta Have Rock and Roll, was hoping to sell it very quickly. But because of the very personal content of the letter, Madonna had strongly opposed the sale.

Two years later, the singer failed to take over the rights to the letter, so it will be on sale next week. The words Tupac wrote to her when he was in prison have been public for a long time. However, for the modest sum of $100,000, as reported by The Independenta fan can now have full possession of it. A price that bailiffs think they can easily rise to $300,000.


Indeed, in recent months, Tupac's personal belongings have been auctioned off at astronomical prices, such as his prisoner card and erotic drawings made for another of his former girlfriends. Madonna had managed at the time to block the sale of 22 items, including the letter, explaining to the court that despite her celebrity status, she had "the right to maintain privacy, especially for such private items".

The court's recent ruling states that the letter now belongs to Gotta Have Rock and Roll, despite Madonna's challenges. Apparently, an old friend of the singer's, Darlene Lutz, took it from her without her knowledge when she moved and sold it to the company in question.

By Eléna Pougin, published on 12/07/2019

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