Travis Scott Is Hoping To Put Music On Hold To Study At Harvard

The prestigious US university could soon see a rather unusual student join its ranks. 

His future in the music industry seemed to be a done deal, placing him among the legends of US rap, and yet Travis Scott is seriously planning to go back to school, as The Independent reports. And not just any school: the prestigious Harvard University.

"I'll be applying to Harvard in a couple days. I really am excited!", he tweeted. The 26 year old rapper isn't completely alien to the establishment, as he taught a master class there on December 2. 

In 2017, Travis Scott already mentioned the possibility of putting his music career on hold and revealed his ambition to study architecture. This would be a welcome break for the US rapper, who has had a particularly busy year this year. 

As well as beating records with the release of his immense album ASTROWORLD on August 3, and following that up with a tour, he also became a father at the start of the year. That could have something to do with his decision to take a step back from music for the moment...

By Guillaume Narduzzi, published on 05/12/2018