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Radiohead Has Released 18 Hours Of Unheard Tracks From OK Computer To Thwart Bootleggers

Instead of paying the ransom demanded, the group decided to upload all of the material to Bandcamp.

For the last week, an internet user has been trying to play a dirty trick on legendary British band Radiohead. According to NME, the bootlegger managed to get his hands on unheard recording sessions for the iconic album OK Computer, released in 1997.

In exchange for returning the stolen material, the hacker demanded $150,000 from the group led by Thom Yorke. "$800 per studio track, $50 per live track", he specified. Overall, we're talking 18 hours of studio out-takes, alternative or incomplete versions of tracks from OK Computer, which the bootlegger managed to get hold of. And if the band refused to pay up, he'd release all of it online. 

The group don't seem to have been too worried about this blackmail attempt, as Radiohead have just announced on their Facebook page that all of the audio material in question is now available upon request on Bandcamp.

The whole bundle costs £18, and the money raised will be sent to Extinction Rebellion, an organization which is fighting to limit climate change. The initiative will be available for the next 18 days, and should serve as a lesson to the blackmailer, who won't be getting a penny. 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Guillaume Narduzzi, published on 12/06/2019