Now 36 years old, Nicki Minaj Retires From Rap

The American rapper announced that she wanted to focus on her family.

Last June, Nicki Minaj released a single called "Megatron". A song that announced that the rapper was working on a new album. Yet, the fans were quite surprised by the tweet published by the artist during the night of September 5 to 6:


This message comes a few months before her marriage to Kenneth Petty. The announcement provoked a lot of reactions on the Internet, with the star's fans disbelieving and others rather skeptical about the announcement of the retreat.

After all, it is not the examples of "retreats" before a big comeback a few years later that are missing in rap. Or in the music industry. Or even in show business in general.

By Arthur Cios, published on 06/09/2019

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