Lady Gaga Accused Of Plagiarism For "Shallow" With Bradley Cooper

The star is sued for the theme song of the film ‘A Star Is Born’.

Awarded prestigious prizes, "Shallow",  the main song of the film A Star Is Born, was clearly one of the highlights of 2018. We felt Lady Gaga's emotion when she was crowned with an Oscar (and even a Golden Globe) for it, Bradley Cooper always by her side. So, of course, we can imagine how proud of it she must be.

However, a SoundCloud user claims that she and Mark Ronson, co-author of the song, committed plagiarism - at least on some notes. Steve Ronsen decided to sue the duo. The song in question is called "Almost" and would have been published five years ago on the platform. If the lyrics are different, there are some similarities between the rhythmic of her song and Lady Gaga's. Before the case, Ronsen's song had just over 300 listenings.


Lady Gaga's team denied the case, assuring that the star would win the trial hands down: "Mr. Ronsen and his lawyer are trying to make easy money off the back of a successful artist. It is shameful and wrong," he told ET.

And if they are also certain of their victory, it has to do with the fact that Lady Gaga was already sued in 2016, when French artist Orlan accused her of copying one of her esthetic features to create the video for the popular hit "Born This Way". The pop star won, and Orlan had to pay nearly 20,000 euros to Universal and Lady Gaga.


Everything suggests that Lady Gaga is guaranteed to win the battle, given the financial means at her disposal to defend herself. But since Katy Perry was found guilty of plagiarism with her title "Dark Horse", things could turn out differently. According to Billboard, this trial won by the little-known rapper Flame has paved the way for many new charges, such as this case.

By Eléna Pougin, published on 13/08/2019


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