It's Time To Get Serious: Tyler, The Creator Has Had Enough Of Being Funny

The Californian artist, a high-level trolling expert, now wants to be taken more seriously.

The creator of Igor, released back in May, wants to be taken more seriously. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Tyler, the Creator talked about his reputation as a troll on social media and the lack of true respect for his music among the public.

"My music got better. I asked myself, ‘Why do Kanye and Pharrell and Jay-Z respect me, but the people that respect them don’t f— with my music?’ Well, maybe if I stop being funny on the internet, people will focus on my talent."


In the interview, the rapper also talks about his first album Goblin, which he now thinks is total crap. It's interesting to see how Tyler's opinion of his schoolboy jokes and the punk universe of his early days with the band Odd Future has now changed.  

And yet in 2019, Tyler has never been as well-known and prolific, at the age of just 28 years old. Composed entirely by the rapper, his album Igor shot to the top of the Billboard chart and has received glowing reviews from critics and the media. 


As his ambitions multiply, both musically and with his brand GOLF, Tyler seems to be trying to understand why he is better known for his activity on social media than for his artistic talents. He's trying to put distance between himself and his teasing, vengeful tweets and endless pranks, leaving that facet of himself behind. 

Emerging at the start of the influencer phenomenon, Tyler's career has always oscillated between parody, insightful music and jackassery. The complicated balance between humor and seriousness is always difficult to achieve when you haven't yet tested your limits.


The public often find it hard to take artists seriously when they spend too much time doling out sarcasm, jokes and insults online. Yet somehow, Tyler found a secret formula allowing him to combine insolence and mischief with musical quality and creativity. 

Apparently, he's still not happy with how he's perceived. It's time to draw a line under his past behavior to ensure he receives the respect he deserves. Unless that declaration itself is just some more high-level trolling... 

Everything's possible with Tyler.



Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Aurélien Chapuis, published on 07/11/2019


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