2pac’s Prison I.D About To Be Auctioned

You’ve always dreamed of being 2Pac? You can now acquire his prison I.D.

Greed is limitless: a prison I.D which belonged to Tupac Shakur is about to be auctioned for 4000 to 6000 dollars, according to TMZ.

In addition to being outdated for years, it dates back from the time the rapper was imprisoned in 1995, back when he was jailed for sexual harassment.


Yeh, we know what you’re thinking: who might be interested in the old prison card of a man who passed. Well, it turns out that any items which belonged to the artist are quick sellers. Earlier this year, his girlfriend sold erotic drawings he made for her while in jail and got 21 000 dollars out of it.

No doubt the ID card of the most famous inmate in Dannemora will be quick to find a buyer as it shows his signature and was important to him during his entire stay in New York’s prison.


If you’re interested now is the time to call your bank as this is a one in a lifetime opportunity. 

By Eléna Pougin, published on 27/06/2019