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Weed- And Wine-Tasting Experiences Now Exist

Your standard three course meal might usually entail a starter, main and dessert, but weed-lovers could soon be swapping out the latter for a sweet doob.

A cannabis tour and events company in Colorado (where recreational weed use is legal) is now hosting three course meals with wine, food and – you guessed it – the bud.

(Photo: The Fader/Renata Raksha)

(Photo: The Fader/Renata Raksha)

One of the USA's first accredited cannabis sommeliers and the marijuana version of Jesus, Philip Wolf, is offering "sophisticated cannabis experiences" with his company Cultivating Spirits. According to the brand's website, "Cultivating Spirits is a responsible, educational and spirited cannabis experience and tour company." It's also certainly original.

Anyone hoping to take their weed judgements to new heights can finish one of the tours by testing out different cannabis and food pairings. Literally the best munchies cure.

Included in the food and wine tour is a gourmet meal, cheese, meat and chocolate, wine and selected cannabis pairings. The event page details just what goes down:


"This sensational fusion experience offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to pair fine local, organic gourmet foods and specially selected Old and New World wines with quality cultivated, small-batch crafted Cannabis strains."


Guests begin the day in a limo (?!) as they're taken to their day of fun activities, which include an "intimate culinary demonstration, to an exclusive marijuana dispensary experience, to a private wine tasting". The food is then prepared before your eyes before you wolf it down. Making the $250 day trip attractive to even the most straight-edge of people is the scenic backdrop – Colorado’s mountains.

Promising to offer customers a "new appreciation of cannabis through our pairing process", Cultivating Spirits claims it will "cocoon you and your guests in an luxurious yet casual atmosphere". I'm sorry but it sounds like a perfect day for all the family. The company also offers stag and hen dos, "cannabis weddings" and birthday parties.

(Photo: Merry Jane)

(Photo: Merry Jane)

Three-course cannabis meals: a stoner foodie fad or the best idea that's ever graced our tables? Promising the experiences aren't just for trend purposes, Wolf told Men's Journal:


"Cannabis should be treated like fine wine. It harmonises so well with food when you have the right pairings.

"A lot of people are just being turned on to the idea that cannabis has flavour profiles just like wine. The pairings we’re doing are at the forefront of a new movement."



With cannabis still being widely regarded as one of the less harmful drugs, we don't see why wine and weed nights shouldn't become a thing right away. You free next week?

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By Lydia Morrish, published on 19/09/2016