This Weed Capsule Will Get Your Ovaries Stoned And End Period Pain

If you're blessed with ovaries you'll know a hefty dose of ibuprofen doesn't always curb the monthly pain. But, the answer to those bitter belly aches might lie in the form of a weed capsule that makes your ovaries 'stoned'.

A cocoa-based, vaginal insert containing cannabis oil is being marketed in California as a form of pain relief for girls grappling with menstrual cramps. Laced with THC (marijuana's psychoactive component) and CBD (its healing component), the depository shaped like a tampon claims to provide muscle relief within without the noticeable cannabis high.

(Image: BigBuds)

Could the Foria insert end period pain tribulations for THC enthusiasts? (Image: BigBuds)

Having just hit LA's shelves, Foria works by simply inserting it into the vagina (like a tampon) and, because of this delivery method, users avoid mental psychoactive effects. So you can get your reproductive system stoned without necessarily being high yourself! Perfect, much?

The company, who have a track record of revolutionary cannabis products, says:


"Foria Relief is the first vaginal suppository designed specifically for menstrual discomfort.

"Til now, women had few options to address menstrual discomfort, primarily systemic pain relievers such as Ibuprofen or herbal teas, since the only other vaginal suppository products have been yeast medications or birth control."


So far it looks as though the product hasn't been FDA-approved (so be careful), but these capsules could have real life-changing effects for those suffering with extreme pain every month – and, believe me, it can be bad.

Foria can be inserted into the vagina like a tampon. (Image: Foria)

Foria can be inserted into the vagina like a tampon. (Image: Foria)

These weed depositories – being dubbed “Foria Relief” – could also propel movements towards offering relief to women suffering from endometriosis – a condition whereby womb lining is found outside of the womb. Recently highlighted by Lena Dunham, the condition can cause tremendous pain. If Foria are to believed, their capsules could relieve this and possibly even curb childbirth cramps.

According to Foria, the capsules will not only offer pain relief, but can induce relaxation and even reduce anxiety. They recommend it'll all start kicking off around 15-30 after insertion and Foria Relief can also be used in conjunction with tampons.

They're a little pricey though – $44 will get gals in pain a pack of four suppositories, each containing 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. It might empty the piggy bank, but it's only once a month isn't it?

This isn't the first time the company has mixed weed and sexual health – last year they pioneered a cannabis-infused lube spray, designed to act as an aphrodisiac directly for your genitals. Similar to the vagina suppositories, the spray only acts on the area applied, so only your vaj can get nice and stoned. Some people just love a high sex life.

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By Lydia Morrish, published on 27/01/2016