Meet The Globetrotting Stuffed Llama Fighting Drama With Chill Selfies

Llamas are delightfully strange creatures, and probably right up there among French bulldogs and hedgehogs in terms of cuteness - amirite? (I’m right.) So coming across rising Instagram star @llamawithnodrama definitely brightened up my day, and it will brighten up yours too. It's a globetrotting stuffed llama, seriously what more do you need to feel good?

This stuffed llama travels all over the world with one simple purpose of being "one happy llama against the world's drama." Turkish blogger Eylul Savas is the operator behind the account, and tells Konbini: 

"It's simple: world's drama. I wanted to start something that would take people's attention from serious issues or daily struggles to something would make them smile even for a moment."

Eylul says the account is a way "to make people see the world in a fun way, encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, travel and explore." She chose a llama because they're fun and random - unless you live in Peru - and, most importantly, "they can spit in your face for no reason, because why not?!"

Whether it’s chilling with a wax statue of Ryan Reynolds, enjoying a Momofuku soft serve, or strolling around South Beach, Miami, this chill llama is sure to bring a smile on your face. You’re welcome.


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By Olivia Cassano, publish on 04/05/2016