This Supermarket Wants To Put Shoppers Off Plastic Bags With (Very) Embarrassing Slogans

Could this be the ultimate strategy for raising awareness of plastic pollution?

Single-use plastic bags are absolutely terrible for the environment. And yet, we continue to use more than one million per minute around the world. To try to limit their use by shoppers, East West Market in Vancouver, Canada, has decided to adopt a humorous strategy.

The supermarket offers plastic bags for you to carry your shopping home in. But if you choose this option, as well as paying 5 cents per bag, you'll also have to publicly display the embarrassing message emblazoned across the bags. 

Be Ashamed Of Using Plastic Bags

In a video spotted by Laughing Squid on the supermarket's Facebook page, we learn that the tactic aims to embarrass shoppers who choose to use plastic bags in a humorous way and to raise awareness of the issue of the overuse of plastic in supermarkets. 

Among the logos for fictitious brands on the supermarket's bags are references to a sex shop, wart ointment, and colon care... 


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Claire Verriele, published on 10/06/2019