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This New App Retouches Your Silhouette In The Blink Of An Eye (And It's Scary)

No need to be a Photoshop pro to edit your own photos anymore… But we're not sure that's good news.

Created by a Turkish company, Photolift allows you to touch up your body, your silhouette, your face and your muscles in just a few seconds. The app, which is apparently aimed at men and women, offers the former the ability to add muscle and the latter to refine their silhouette. In response to this ultra-stereotyped image, a Twitter user started a debate on the subject, showing how easy the app is to use and describing it as "terrifying".

As catfishing practices – the creation of a fake identity to meet people online – become more sophisticated, ease of access to tools like these look set to facilitate identity fraud and online scams. They also go against the idea of accepting your body as it is, sending a dangerous message to younger generations. On Twitter, numerous people condemned the app for exploiting insecurity. 

But as well as these critiques, internet users also used humor to minimize the harmful aspects of the app.


Article translated by: Eleanor Staniforth

By Apolline Bazin, published on 11/06/2019