Theresa May Massively Offends No 10's Larry The Cat, Reveals She Is A Dog Person

Over the last few troubling months in British politics, there's only been one steady being we've been able to rely on: Larry the Cat. But Number 10's black and white tabby is having a rough time being accepted by his latest master.

Doubling up as even more bad news for the UK's disenfranchised cat people, Theresa May, the woman ruling the country right now and the owner of Larry, says she is not a cat person. In fact, she is more of a dog person.

In a new interview with the Timesthe Prime Minister said that Larry keeps his distance from her. May said that she's normally "very happy to see Larry", but that "we always had dogs at home rather than cats".

The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet and Theresa MAy's new feline, Larry the Cat. (Photo:EPA/Hannah McKay)

The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet and Theresa May's new feline, Larry the Cat. (Photo: EPA/Hannah McKay)

Since Theresa May announced that a general election would be held on June 8, Larry's official Twitter account has been on fire, and unsurprisingly some are calling for the kitty to stand for office.

Bringing plenty of banter to the political table, Larry has been checking to see if David Dimbleby is free to announce the election results, as well as making jokes about George Osborne who is the newly appointed editor of the Evening Standard. 

Finally if that wasn't enough to gain him a few votes, there's always his quality use of memes...

May also revealed in the interview that Larry "rules the roost" in certain parts of the office, although he avoids her when she's about. She said:


"There are certain parts of Number 10 where Larry rules the roost, seats that he expects to be able to sit on".


But, speaking about her own chair in her office, she said: "That is not one of them. He has not come in this office yet".

Larry has responded to May's claims with a Twitter poll asking followers a critically important question: if they are more a Theresa May person or a Larry the Cat person. So far Larry is winning by a huge margin.

Clearly tensions are high between May and Larry, who has been Downing Street's pet badman since the beginning of David Cameron's term. The former PM was very close with Larry and never showed any signs of being a "dog person", posting photos of the two loved up together regularly on Twitter.

May and Larry's relationship may be rocky, but rumours reveal Larry has even more of a feud with the Foreign Office's puss Palmerston. According to Telegraph reports, Palmerston ripped off Larry's old collar in a highly vicious brawl in August. Obviously Larry has extensive charming to do with his fellow cats, as well as humans.

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By Lydia Morrish, published on 19/04/2017