The World's First Vagina Museum Is Set To Open In The UK

Although biological science stretches back to ancient times, knowledge of the female anatomy remains poor – some people know nothing about vulvas, vaginas and the rest of the female reproductive system at all.

Aiming to reverse this lack of wisdom when it comes to c*nts is a new museum surrounding all things foof.  "A museum dedicated to vaginas and the people who have them," the Vagina Museum is due to open its legs in London some day in the near future.

Headed by science YouTuber Florence Schechter, the Vagina Museum would provide an educational look at female anatomy from multiple perspectives. The vagina-owner is planning three sections to the museum, science, culture and history, in order to offer an exhaustive array of information about our lady bits – a resource that does not yet exist.

(Illustration: Meredith White)

(Illustration: Meredith White)

Topics covered may include body parts related to the female gender, bodily processes, FGM, the vaginas of animals, vaginas in art and literature, vaginas in society, sexual violence, vagina research, feminist history and feminism today.

In a video giving more details about the Vagina Museum, Schechter explains:


"There is a penis museum in Iceland, which is pretty cool. But there's no vagina museum anywhere. In the whole world. There are travelling art pieces, mini galleries and a virtual museum. but there is no place dedicated to the female anatomy.

"I was pretty upset about this, but I realised there was only one place to rectify this. And that was to make my own vagina museum.

"The thing about it is though is that as no one has done it before, I have to do quite a bit of development and research before I get it off the ground."


According to Schechter, “half of young British women can’t locate the vagina on a diagram." And yet, a new awareness of the lack of education surrounding vaginas has people – including, of course, Schechter – working towards fixing this in an array of ways.

Vagina illustrator Meredith White is mobilising against fanny beauty standards with her incredible artistic Instagram account Club Clitoris. Artist Milo Moire invited random strangers in the street to touch her privates to flag double standards when it comes to female sexuality. The Great Wall of Vagina, the infamous artwork by British artist Jamie McCartney is one of the only objects in existence demonstrating the uniqueness of every woman's vulva.

These forward-thinking initiatives however remain pretty alone in the fight for fanny facts. But, considering that a growing number of girls are seeking designer vaginas for fear their vulva isn't "normal", Schechter's Vagina Museum is much-needed.

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And yet, given the fact Schechter is attempting to pioneer the museum independently – she doesn't have any big sponsors, yet – she is crowdfunding the Vagina Museum herself online. She is urging only people "who can afford it" to donate to the Vagina Museum on its Patreon page.

As for those amongst us who don't have enough spare cash to invest in the juicy future of vagina education, Schechter encourages sharing her campaign on social media to promote the ovarian cause.

While looking at corporate sponsors and grants, Schechter will need money for legal fees, admin fees, travel costs to visit experts, website costs and money for events to find out what people want and need from the museum.

So, if you give even the smallest drop of lady cum about vaginas, use your time to donate to or raise awareness about the Vagina Museum.

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By Lydia Morrish, publish on 02/05/2017