Chernobyl Officially To Become A Tourist Site

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian President took the decision to transform the site into an official tourist destination.

The area around Chernobyl, where the worst nuclear accident in history took place, will soon be transformed into a tourist site, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in a decree signed on Wednesday. According to the BBCbetter hiking trails will be put in place. 

"Chernobyl has been a negative part of Ukraine's brand," Mr Zelensky said."We have to show this place to the world: to scientists, ecologists, historians [and] tourists," the president added.


As a reminder, a reactor at the Chernobyl power plant exploded in April 1986, triggering a radioactive wave throughout Europe, covering about 50,000 square kilometers. Several hundred thousand people - though figures are difficult to establish - have died as a result of this accident, but the long-term effects are even more devastating and are still being felt today. 

The Chernobyl power plant, abandoned the day after the accident, had finally reopened to the public in 2011, and has since continued to attract tourists. But since the release of the eponymous series, tourism on the site has increased by 40%. This influx of tourists raises many ethical questions, and this new measure will undoubtedly have equally serious consequences...

By Emma Ceccaldi, published on 12/07/2019